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Cheats & Codes
Cheats and Codes
How To Get Mew and other rare Pokémon such as Pikablu
First, get all 150 Pokémon. To do this, you must have both the red and blue versions.After you caught all 150 Pokémon, go to Bill's house in Cerulean city near the secret dungeon and where you can catch Abra. After you go in, you should see a door. You go in the door and you should see a lot of rare Pokémon such as Mew or Pikablu.
How to get Pokegods
First, beat EliteFour thirty times without talking to anyone in between including the nurse at any pokémon center. After the thirtiest time, when Professer Oak takes you to the Hall of Frame, he will say,"I'm getting tired of this." And then, he will let you walk in the Hall of Frame. Then you somehow get into this city where people swap Pokégods.
Tips to win coins at the Celadon City Clot
Every slot has different odds. Try every slot four times. If you get more than 2 times winning, stick with that one because it's probably hot. Also, if a slot gets you very close to winning, try it agagin because it will probably let you win very quickly.
How to Get Any Pokémon You Want
You have to have another people to trade with has a flying Pokémon and you can only do this when you're just starting the game. First, get your Pokémon all trained and go to battle Brock. Next, go to battle Misty. After you finished battling Misty, your other player has to trade you that flying Pokémon. Then you fly back to Pewter City. Go to the gym. You can challenge Brock again. If you win him, he will ask you what Pokémon you want. Pick the Pokémon you want and you will get it.
Evolving Missingno.
First, you fly to Viridian City. Then, you talk to the man that teaches you how to catch a pokemon. When he is done you fly to Cinnabar Island and go surfing next to the gym. You go up and down until you see Missingno. Don't fight it because its really weak and you might kill it. Just catch it and use a rare candy and it will evolve into Kangaskan. The Missingno. must be at L:80.
How To Get Missingno.
Warning: this code might mess up your game. First, go to Viridian City and talk to the guy that teached you how to catch a weedle. He'll ask you if you're in a hurry. Say no. Then fly to Cinnabar Island. Surf on the edge of Cinnabar Island which is half land half water. Go up and down until you see one.
Phantom PC
First, fly to Celadon City. Then walk (or bike) downtown. Go into the hotel. Next, go all the way to the right wall. Go exactly where the PC would be in a Pokemon Center. Then hit the A button and.....WOW! An invisible PC! Cool!

Game Shark Cheats
Infinite Money
019947D3(Warning: all game chark codes might mess up your game).
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