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Pokémon Snap
How many Pokémon are in the game?
There are a total of 63 different Pokémon to photograph on Pokémon Island.
This game is too easy. What’s up with that?
While the object of many games is to make it through all the levels to reach the end, Pokémon Snap is different. The goal of Pokémon Snap is to take the very best pictures of Pokémon in order to earn points. To get the best picture, you have to use different techniques to entice the Pokémon to pose for the camera. It is actually very challenging to get the best possible pose for every Pokémon in the game.

Try challenging your friends' high scores to determine who among you is the best Pokémon photographer. Also, you can examine and enlarge your photographs in the Pokémon Album at any time. You can even add comments and arrange them in any order. Use these features to show some of your coolest pictures to your friends.

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